Wood and paper industry


Flue gas

Wood and paper industry

Ilmastointi & Ohutlevy Oy:llä has four decades of cooperation experience with pulp and paper mills. As a reliable partner we are able to provide our customers with functional solutions for processes in productions.

Our expertise is based on understanding of the customer’s manufacturing process (high-quality design and manufacturing).

Products and systems

  • Air handling and transport ducts
  • Silencers
  • Trim Conveying Systems
  • Heat exchangers for paper and saw industry
  • Drying systems for paper, tissue and pulp machines
  • Yankee dryers
  • Paper machine hoods
  • Lifting doors
  • Lined support beams
  • Flanges and flexible joints


Power plants, gas turbines, oil refineries and oil rigs

Ilmastointi & Ohutlevy Oy has a long experience in manufacturing steel structures for demanding projects in the energy industry. 



  • Manufacturing and replacement of flexible joints for incinerators
  • Manufacturing and replacement of SMO-Bellows for desulphurisation
  • Connection and fixing of metal beam by pass plates to the oil refinery transport ducts
  • Renovation of the by-pass ductwork of the oil refinery kiln
  • Filter cabinets for gas turbines
  • Clean air ducts and silencers for gas turbines
  • Sound-insulated turbine shrouds
  • Sound insulation, fireproof bushings and gas-tight insulation for fire escape containers on oil rigs

Flue Gas

Flue gas cleaning systems for industry and ships

Our know-how and experience in manufacturing of special acid steel structures enable us to manufacture flue gas cleaning equipment.

We also design and manufacture silencers for these demanding systems.


  • Silencers for flue gas ducts
  • Catalysts
  • Flue Gas Scrubbers
  • Booster- Fan Systems with silencers