The way we work

Our knowledge is based on qualified and committed personnel.

Our flexible operation mode quarantees fast production times. Open interaction and flexibility ensure that our own professional skills and customer’s expertise are combined into customized quality products.

Addressed quality

 We serve our customers in accordance with the requirements of ISO and EN standards.

Developing of quality and maintenance is an ongoing process where the constribution of each employee is important.

Our quality system complies with the SFS EN ISO 9001:2015 SFS EN ISO 3834-2:2005 quality standards.

Values guide our operation

  • Customer and enviromental focus
  • Openness
  • Honesty 



  • The company is established in 1974.
  • Own facilities completed in Raisio Hauninen 1978.
  • Production of heat exchangers and silencers begins. Heat exchangers are becoming a popular product in drying Finnish sawmill products.
  • Our Cooperation with many paper mills begins.


Time of growth


  • An own separate maintenance department is established at M-Real Tako’s factories in Tampere.
  • Production and installation of transport ducts and trim conveying systems begins.
  • International installations of trimconveying systems begins.


  • Over the decade Ilmastointi & Ohutlevy Oy becomes an important partner for Valmet Paper Air System Unit.
  • In 1995 our company is awarded with the Valmet’s supplier of the year prize. Production of dryer hoods for Valmet begins and the working facilities are expanded.
  • In 1997 the production of flanges and flexible joints are outsourced from Valmet to Ilmastointi & Ohutlevy Oy and at the same time the cooperation with power plants starts.


New prospects


  • At the beginning of the decade a generational change takes place.
  • Our company is awarded again with the Valmet’s supplier of the year prize.
  • Our quality system is certified according to the EN ISO standard.
  • Our production facilities are upgraded and expanded.
  • Siemens and Dresser-Rand gas turbine division accepts our company as their supplier.
  • Cooperation with the Finnish dryer machine manufacturer Anpap Oy starts.


  • In cooperation with company Mesekon Oy we manufacture rescue containers for oil rigs for Frank Mohn A/S Norway.
  • Our company develops the first silencers for flue gas scrubbers and at the same time cooperation starts with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Meyer Werft and STX.
  • Flue gas scrubber towers are manufactured for American CR Ocean Engineering as well as for the Finnish company Lang Tech Oy.